Thursday, May 8, 2008

Blog Aquatic Goes to the Shark Cafe

For the better part of this year, Very Special Friend to Blog Aquatic has been working on a documentary. An aquatic documentary, that is. Seeing as this blog appreciates the quirkier, cuter side of the aquatic, we commend Special Friend for making a film on the cuter and quirkier side of an unlikely source: The Great White Shark.

Considering how many fears and nightmares surround the Great White Shark (to this day the Blog Aquatic gets a little ansy in the deep end of a pool), there is very little that is actually known about the sharks. Shockingly little in fact. For years our understanding of the Great White Shark has been reduced to the sensationalized, blood-thirsty images of Jaws reruns and nature shows.

But, as the film, Shark Cafe, explores -- all this is about to change. White shark research is now making unprecedented growth, with the most important research happening right here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Biologists and researchers are learning more about the great white than ever before. Developments in technology, along with changing public perceptions, are creating a unique moment in great white history. We have the opportunity to dramatically change our understanding -- and appreciation-- of the Great White Shark's role in the ecosystem.

Shark Cafe is smart without being too flashy, insightful without giving too many easy answers. This film has amazing archive footage, brawny marine biologists, and of course sharks as you've never seen them before. Please join me at the film's premiere next Friday before it moves on to aquatic film festivals everywhere (Here's to Ocean Film Festival 2009).

See you at the screening:

Shark Cafe:
A Curious History of The Great White Shark from Jaws to Facebook

NorthGate Hall, Room 105

Friday May 16th, 2008
6:30 pm
(Directions to NorthGate Hall on the UC Berkeley Campus can be found here.)

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